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This is the Beer Store site just west of Bathurst. Rosewater Capital has bought 5 Beer Store sites in Toronto looking to rezone into mult res condo & rental developments. They're also planning two buildings at 1580 Avenue Road and 179 Sheppard Avenue East with Stafford Developments and another one on Queen Street East.

Looks like Core Architects to me:
Have they completed an avenue study for Dupont? I remember reading something about maintaining the lands adjacent to the rail corridor for employment, how would that play in to approving this development?
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Interesting! I wonder if they bought the Beer Store located in the Village... Any details or info on the locations? (It would be amazing if they bought the one on Gerrard in Cabbagetown).
Ward 20 - Tor & E.York District

Proposal for rezoning and official plan amendment for a 12 storey mixed-use building with a total of 176 residential units, retail space is proposed at grade and on the mezzanine level and two levels of underground parking (total of 127 parking spaces)
Proposed Use --- # of Storeys --- # of Units ---
Type Number Date Submitted Status
OPA & Rezoning 15 226388 STE 20 OZ Sep 22, 2015 Under Review
Rosewater Capital has this image on their page concerning this development - although the original version is very very small, washed-out and I am not sure wether or not it corresponds to 500 Dupont. Anyways, I tried to make it bigger and add more colour:
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for the love of all things urbane, please dont keep the retail frontage a 100% flat glass facade. no better way to kill street life (however nascent it may be in some areas) than making one giant wall of nothing but reflectivity.

Add in or bring down some of the presumably precast blocks down to grade and break up the facade even ever so slightly. Otherwise this seems like a perfectly reasonable development on for the dupont and bathurst area.
I could see it losing a few stories to come down to something like 8-11 including + 1 storey mech penthouse so satisfy potential complaints from the residential properties next door or see the massing shift to the east of the site versus the west of it
I don't know the zoning, but I presume it is not zoned for residential. The city has been unmovable on changing employment lands along the railway here. Good luck!
I wish the podium facade pattern extended to the parapet.

I agree but that detail is difficult to do right without creating a disproportinally thick horizontal line just below the parapet as the terrace surface is insulated and built up from the slab. Also the top of that parapet would be uncomfortably high to accommodate the window punch out design.
Core abandoned that detail that was supposed be featured on Oneeleven's podium.
This one is also 9 stories now, and it has lost its pointy shape in the redevelopment process... Core Architects.
146 units: 13 studios, 90 1 B / 1 B+D, 28 2 B / 2 B+D, 15 3 B / 3 B+D.
128 parking spaces: 93 for residential use, 17 for visitors, 16 for retail.
From the application:
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The application was updated last December, some new images:
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The base and the tower are not very well integrated. They look like two separate pieces of two different projects.
Good scale but I agree the base seems odd and the white would likely clash with the brick and stone of the neighbourhood.
I'm all for new materials being introduced to the neighbourhood because I think we're out of the Victorian Annex typology as soon as we hit Dupont heading north towards the tracks, but the incongruity between the two portions is terrible, and the top half could look particularly brutal depending on the materials.

They also didn't fix the glass wall grade frontage problem, though at least there are multiple units/entrances unlike at, say, Duke.