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Boys and their toys!
Any idea why it is being enclosed? Residential proximity?
Mostly for dust cover and weather proof the site during winter. Since the South shaft will have TOC built on top, the North shaft will be the main access point and ventilation for all underground works, worker will go up and down by elevator (like a coal mine).
Plus it's needed as support for overhead cranes to lift excavation dumpster from underground to the surface, trucks will go in on King, receive the dumpster from crane, go out on Bathurst.
Are they panning to do the same at Queen-Spadina?
It's similar in a way that the North shaft will also be the access to underground works. However because of the heritage façade being kept in place they can't erect the same enclosed structure. It'll be open air and mobile crane to be used instead of overhead crane.
This is not confirmed but I believe noise and dust control requirement at Queen-Spadina is less restrictive than here which is also an factor.
July 2: South side of King Street.


Rebar nests for caissons being delivered- according to an OTG staffer, 24 metres long


North side of King Street:


King Street frontage:


North property line:



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getting that truck into downtown must have been a job and a half.

I've seen far larger loads than that on 400-series highways over the years, including TTC Subway trains on flatbeds coming down from Thunder Bay.