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It's hard to justify $100 for dinner when hundreds of thousands of Torontonians can't afford $10 for dinner. For them getting a meal at Ginger is splurging and done once every few months tops.... or never.
Easter Sunday - April 1, 2018:

This is the first time I've noticed the rooftop BMU. It must descend out of sight when not in use.


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I just moved in here. Does anyone know if this glossy curvy design is still work in progress? Are they going to do it still?


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Didn't we see some plastering work a ways back inside that suggested they were working on this?
I hope they do. Right now it does not resemble the picture at all. In the brochure the surface is glossy and reflective, and the shape is different.
First and last post. I have been stalking your website for years and I love it (actually had an account in 2012 but dumb-ass forgot my credentials to sign in so I just set up a new account).

I digress and now to the point. My OCD is in overdrive and has been since a post from interchange42 on May 22, 2015 (with pics). I will personally pay for the replacement of the tin foil covered up glass on the west side of the building on the (guessing) 7th or 8th floor in Benito's photo above. It is and has been driving me nuts!

This tinfoil cover up thingamajig and ANY mention of shadowing Jesse Ketchum Park sends me right over the wall.

Thanks for the great work and photos and more importantly, letting me vent. I will now be silent. Cheers and keep up the great work!