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Apr 23, 2007
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Downtown Toronto
OMB approved a settlement between Fitzsimmons, the Town of Oakville, Halton Region, Conservation Halton, Silgold Developments and Silwell Development Limited. The site is located at 278 Dundas Street East and 2466 Trafalgar Road. The development calls for 750 units and 2,500-sq.m. of both office and retail space in four towers (tallest is planned for 20s). The site is located at the SW corner of Dundas Street East and Trafalgar Road and totals 2.74 hectares.
Is this the render?:confused:


The roofs are kind of cute. Ugly elsewhere, but it's in Oakville, so I don't really care.

This development should bring some much-needed density into Oakville.
Oh god, it's NY Towers all over again. Thankfully, this is at least 20 km away from my house and I never drive out to Oakville so I'll be spared the sight of these future po-mo monstrosities.
ya, I guess Sergio et all are graduates from the Kirkor school of architecture... ah, its not too bad for the suburbs. the splash of colour might be nice too.
Very weird render.. One of those streets is Trafalgar I guess, but the other makes Dundas look like a 2 lane side street..

But ugh yet another ugly tower for that area..
Seems like some of you haven't never been on Trafalgar road in Oakville before. The NY towers would be an upgrade over the brutalist concrete slabs that they've built on that street.
Looks like more mid/high-rise density could be in store for this area in the near future:


Taking a page from its Toronto neighbor to the east, the City of Oakville is looking to sell a large plot of land it has deemed surplus.
The site – located at 2264 Trafalgar Road –is situated at the northwest corner of Trafalgar Road and Glenashton Drive. The 7.2 hectare property is currently zoned as agricultural, however the city is planning on re-zoning the area in hopes it can sell to a developer who will bring an urban, high density retail, commercial, office or mixed use development.
The city is hoping that any development will encourage the city’s growth as an urban pedestrian area.
The proposed re-zoning would allow a residential or office building that would climb up to 12-storeys, with ground floor retail, commercial or office spaces.
The city would allow a building to rise up to 16 stories, as long as the developers enter into an agreement with the town to provide public benefits. The site has been on the market for some time and the town intends to set up the search for a buyer who will maximize the development potential of the site.

More info here: http://www.oakville.ca/ppn-11feb02_5.htm
I figure that I should comment on this thread considering I grew up 5 minutes (drive of course) from here.

It's about time something like this happens in the area. The original plan for "uptown oakville" was to have dense tree lined streets with townhouses and midrises, as well as rives and cafes. Guess what happens when a big box corporation weighs in:


Yup, as it stands today there is a wal-mart, superstore and you know the typical suburban plaza crap. (actually we did get a really great cafe, Ritourno's). So it is about damn time development like this happens.

Just along the edge of the so-called uptown we actually see development that fits the 'dense tree lined townhouse' promise and few mid rises as well (hideous I might add). So hopefully this particular proposal re-ignites the uptown vision and fixes this area up for good. It's a good location too because there is a bus terminal right at their front door and Trafalgar is planned to become a BRT corridor.

I live in Oakville so I come up here from time to time.

I'm not sure which original plan you're talking about, but the current plan still calls for midrises across most of the uptown area with high rises along Trafalgar and Dundas. There's also supposed to be a relatively dense mixed use district in North Oakville along Trafalgar once that development gets started.

The location is especially good since Dundas could very well become a BRT corridor too. Which mid-rises do you fight hideous? The retirement home and the mid-rise behind it? I think the one at Tauton and Oak Park looks alright, as well as the 4 small condo highrises.