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Toronto non-mall retail (Odds & Ends)

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Speaking of the above....

The Coxwell store has not yet reopened, nor have permits even been issued for renovation/reconstruction.

According to local community sources....

Loblaws has been acquiring the storefronts to its south along this stretch.

To what ultimate purpose is not yet clear (merely a larger store, or a different redevelopment scheme altogether)
Just saw this posted on a Facebook group (I have no idea what "storming" means!)
NoFrills at coxwell,has started reconstruction, first phase said to be 2-3 months, then new equpment, storming store
Probably an autocorrect failure on the word 'stocking'.

[...] (I have no idea what "storming" means!)

Probably an autocorrect failure on the word 'stocking'.

No, I'm pretty sure they meant storming. This is a popular grocery store in the area, with some really good prices.
(Credit: Darin Oswald)


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Get your hands off my kiwis!

The luxury fragrance company Le Labo will be opening at 876 Queen St W

Application: Building Additions/Alterations Status: Permit Issued

Location: 876 QUEEN ST W

Ward 19: Trinity-Spadina

Application#: 16 261479 BLD 00 BA Issued Date: Dec 21, 2016

Project: Multiple Unit Building Interior Alterations

Description: Proposal for interior alterations to existing ground floor retail unit for new tenant - "Le Labo Inc"
It's sad to see unique stores with character close down in this city and yet, so many corporate chains opening up.

I like corporate chains, so I'm happy with that part. As for this store, it isn't being lost due to a corporate retail chain, so I don't see a connection.
There is signage on the front and back of the old No Frills store on Coxwell saying "Construction Starting Soon" and there's also a rendering but its hard to tell if its the same size or an expanded store.
Kennedy Commons restaurant update - Jollibee taking 3,731 SF…..former Mr Greek building, and Nando’s taking the other half of building at 3,397.