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Toronto non-mall retail (Odds & Ends)

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Grand & Toy will soon be vacating this spot and it would be nice to see a big mid level fashion retailer take this spot now that traffic is getting heavier on this part of Yonge.


Application: Zoning Review Status: Not Started

Location: 421 DUNDAS ST W

Ward 20: Trinity-Spadina

Application#: 14 155983 ZZU 00 ZR Accepted Date: May 13, 2014

Project: Non-Residential Building Other Proposal

Description: 2nd floor Entertainment, customers rent rooms to solve puzzles aswell as cafe waiting area
This stretch of Dundas, between University and Spadina has always been one of my favorites in the city ... I find it interesting, even though there are so many retail spots (on multiple floors) there is always very little for lease on this small dense stretch, compared to say Spadina.

Anyway, love the density / overhang signs and the like, it is similar to Spadina but denser.

This sounds like another game cafe !
Sounds like one of those places where you need to use clues to escape the room, with a few friends or strangers. It's a new trend.
They need to open it up and make 1 or 2 big spaces. I'm not sure big the place is, but it seems to be a mini mall inside. I saw that one of the jewellry places closed. I'd like to see that subway entrance moved inside too. It's so crowded on that sidewalk.
Queen West

Haven't been in the stretch between Spadina and University in a while--didn't realize stalwarts Peter Pan and Fashion Crimes had closed. Also B2 (which seemed to always have low inventory) and Bedo (whichever always seemed to be 50% off) have closed too.