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Jan 12, 2023

Looking south-west


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Would it really have been that more expensive to purchase window wall with mullions in the same dimensions as the SOHO ?
You'd have to care to do that. Or at least be able to see the difference. Trust me when I tell you, Madison and everyone else involved here think they're just killing it with this thing.

Seriously? I get (though detest) proceeding because VE'ing made sense to them on the books, on ROI and sales held up fine etc.

But honestly not being able to see the problem at all?

PE, as someone who knows the players, I think you have a moral responsibility to tell them to seek medical advice. At the very least there is serious visual impairment, and one must question the cognitive reasoning as well.

( For everyone here, I am being somewhat playful with hyperbole.......yet, really, I do wonder.....)
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