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Quite a jarring sight yesterday, on my return from 10 days' vacation.

As I entered the Y on Grosvenor I looked across the street and observed workers removing the last few glass balcony fronts on north Murano building. This was expected, of course, but still it is quite a shock to see the denuded, off-limit balconies. Life in this 'burg ain't dull by any stretch.
From citytv:

A section of Bay Street is closed after glass fell from a building Tuesday.

The closure took effect around 11:45 a.m. on Bay between College and Grosvenor streets.

A company was apparently removing the glass when it shattered and fell.

There have been several incidents in which panes of glass have fallen from downtown condominium buildings. Coun. Kristyn Wong-Tam has called for an investigation into the recurring problem.
Why wouldn't one just re-clad it, rather than waste all that energy and material demolishing it? Seems highly irrational.
It's just balcony glass, settle down! :)