Toronto Mirvish Village (Honest Ed's Redevelopment) | 85.04m | 26s | Westbank | Henriquez Partners

These prices are consistent with the rest of the downtown and much of Toronto for new build rental condos. There are redevelopment opportunities to build more large scale rental around and adjacent to the Annex. Not in the middle of the lowrise blocks but, I'm fine with that anyways. I prefer Toronto's population to stabilize than this exponential growth putting pressure to convert family neighbourhoods into more overpriced studios and one bedrooms to rent or buy. Affordability in this real estate market is locked to undersized non family units than price per square foot. The more built, converted, the further it becomes the legacy standard.
I find it funny that people refer to a rental project as a condo.
To be fair, building condos that individuals buy and then rent out has been the most common approach to residential high-rise construction financing in Toronto for quite a while now. So it's not surprising that it's peoples' instinct to think of it that way.

There are a few fairly big towers on the horizon just east of Spadina, and a few smallish ones proposed around Walmer/Lowther.

And this development actually has units of a size you can reasonably live in with a kid. There aren't that many of those in downtown neighbourhood new builds these days.
Same here on rental condominiums. Makes no sense. Developers started it and the public latched on (similar to exposed structural concrete walls and ceilings being an upgrade)
The units sizes are consistent with what I see in other recently completed developments (designed 5 to 8 years ago) presuming the 1200 square foot 2 bedrooms at $5000 a month come in a limited quantity