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Really good points, Team Me. Now I'm interested to see a rendering. I'm cautiously optimistic about the project, since Front west of Spadina is a pretty forgotten bit of the city. That, and it's yet another reason to build the DRL! I wonder if they'll have much luck with those retail spaces.
I didn't take any pictures, but the Whale building in Amsterdam was cited as a major inspiration, and the proposal did indeed look much like it and share many of its elements:

I had a different picture in mind. That building looks too institutional... I hope the final proposal will be considerably different looking
Has anyone heard anything about this potential development lately? Can we assume that because of the whole real estate downturn that this project will be put on hold for at least a few years?

I remember the developer saying they would need over 600 units to make this site profitable. I can't imagine bringing those to market any time remotely soon.
I haven't heard anything and Context already has another project in the works, ie MarketWharf, where I've heard sales have stalled pretty much.
Interesting rooftop design !!! :)

Anyone know if residents would be able to access the whole area ?
The idea for the rooftop terraces is that each would be a sort of private "back yard" for a unit.
I would not hold my breath on this final design.
By the time the economy gets better and have sold 80% of the approx 600 units.The developer will most likely have had this project redesigned various times.
This project can't even be said to be in the inception stage yet, so yes, the rendering is a general idea that the property owner and potential developer are playing with, rather than a solid design about to be marketed.
Hi everyone, I am very new to urbantoronto and just bought a unit at Reve by Tridel. The unit I bought is facing west, which makes me worried after having heard of this Context development project next door. Judging from the rendering, this new stadium-like building will be REALLY REALLY close to Reve. I know Reve was still supposed to be a hotel when the context project was proposed. I am wondering if it being a residential dwelling changes anything. Does the city have any limits on how far apart two adjacent residential buildings should be kept at?

If anyone has any more information on this, that will help me decide if I should keep my Reve purchase before the end of my 10 day cooling period.

Much appreciated.
Jenny, you should be glad that a beautiful Context condo will be blocking the swine factory from your view.
I'm of no real help except to say that you don't own a view!
If there is potential to be blocked from "your view" from a new development I'd expect it! Maybe not tomorrow, but eventually!
Jenny, you should be glad that a beautiful Context condo will be blocking the swine factory from your view.

The way Toronto is growing west, the slaughterhouse days are numbered.
I predict that in the next decade you most likely will see a couple of huge mixed use mid/low-rise development projects on those Maple Leaf Foods/Canada Packers lands and also City of Toronto Yards next door all the way west to Strachan ave. and south to the train tracks.
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