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Apr 24, 2007
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I predict something similar to Tribute Communities' 1717 Avenue.

Ward 16 - North York OPA / Rezoning 11 330290 NNY 16 OZ Dec 22, 2011

Application to amend the Zoning By-law to permit a 7-storey mixed-use residential commercial building with a total gross floor area of 17,011 square metres and an FSI of 3.95. Proposed are 136 units on floors 2-7 with 2,045 square metres of commercial space on the ground floor. There would be 233 parking spaces within 2 below grade parking levels consisting of 110 spaces for visitors/commercial and 123 spaces for residential use. Access to the site would be from 2 driveways with one from Brookdale Avenue and the other from Fairlawn Avenue.
Developer is Mady Developments
Architect is Turner Fleischer Architects

Yes indeed ... building massing is very similar to 1717 Avenue Road, which is the City's vision for "Avenues"
I lived in 1682 avenue for 2 years til the start of 2011. And trust me, i will be glad to see that roach infested hell hole of a flophouse leveled to dust.
The whole block will be demolished
I guess you used to live in one the the six-plex rental walkups? Thankfully those are being torn down ~
I guess you used to live in one the the six-plex rental walkups? Thankfully those are being torn down ~

Live is a strong word. I think its safer to say i woefully existed there. Roaches, ants, mice, mold, plumbing issues, bedroom with no 3 prong plugs, domestic disturbances above and below ona daily basis, power surge issues that burnt out 3 separate window A/C units, silverfish in the drains and sewage coming up through the shower drain after rainy days. I would happily work on that demolition team for free. The property was sold by Alan Cherry (that clothing guy) to Regal Property Management the same month i moved out. Now i'm renting for way too much in the architectural void that is Oxford's Rosewell Gardens. This neighbourhood is a great place to raise a family but a terrible place to be a 24 year old with an active social life. I feel my uptown days are numbered
It's going to be quite a drastic change in streetscape once this development is finished as I grew up from across the street. Thanks for posting up the renderings as I've only come across them on this thread.

On a interesting note, my grandparents own the property 1687 Avenue Rd. which is directly across from this development. They purchased this property about 40 years ago and actually had plans to purchase the two apartment complexes. From what I know, the builder of the apartment buildings wanted to sell them along with the two properties next to them (Bistro and the now Forest Hill Real Estate formerly a jewellery store).
architect has been changed to RAW Design
That's quite the change in direction. Here's a look at the last rendering of the Turner Fleischer design.


It will be interesting to see the RAW version!



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This is EXACTLY the type of avenue intensification that is/was called for and should be a perfect example of smart growth along avenues. 6-10s all along the avenues. Love this, along with 1717 Avenue. Should appease all sides really, and is in line with the official plan, zoning etc. Also great that the design will be RAW. The last design was not really noteworthy, but the RAW design might be...
(also intersting to note I haven't seen any of the "tall tall tall at all costs" crew in the smaller projects threads. Guess thats not surprising, but just something I noticed... ;))