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Clewes and di Castri's buildings certainly don't all look the same, despite the claim by some that they're identical boxes. They adopt new visual conceits, run with them for a few buildings, then incorporate other new ideas. I think they're entering a more playful, curvy period - their Dutch tower suggests so.
Wasn't the lot where the park is going supposed to be used as a temporary site for the farmers' market while the North Market building was being redone?
I always thought that with Toronto's liberal attitudes, it just makes sense that we would turn even farther from American architectural traditions and into Dutch architecture for our towers. I really hope this trend continues, because I'm starting to see alot of Dutch influence...!
Market Wharf isn't even taking registrations for sales yet, so it shouldn't impact the north building rehab.

people give architects alliance a hard time because "all their buildings look the same" -- I think that they do try to develop new ideas on each of their projects, and judging by the rendering of this building -- I think those are curvy balconies they're proposing -- Uno Prii part II! As for their buildings all looking the same, just stand on lombard street and compare SPire to the one they did in the 90's, I think it's called the Indigo at 50 Lombard. finally, before i step off my soap box -- i think that it's perfectly acceptable for an architect to have an identifiable "style" -- in fact, it's unreasonable to expect them not too. Not everyone can (or should) be a philip johnson chameleon; i think that clewes is more honest than that.
The evolution of aA's design vernacular is fascinating. They adopt certain ideas - angled balconies ( Spire and Clear Spirit ); angled piloti ( St.Michaels and Clear Spirit ); vertical slit-like windows set in a heavily-bricked/stone clad podium ( Woodsworth, Spire, St. Michaels ); subtle curves ( Clear Spirit bulge and Market Wharf balconies ) etc. and run with them for a while. Their use of space between buildings is lovely - the 18 Yorkville complex for instance, and St Michaels too by the look of it.
I didn't know that Dame Edna was such an architecture fan (or that she lived in Riverdale either, for that matter)

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