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Post blizzard shot from above :)

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I’ve got to ask… what’s with these ugly dotted windows? Is there some new regulation that insists windows must look like this?
Bird-friendly guidelines, they’ve been in effect for a few years now I believe.
Not just guidelines. It's the Toronto Green Standard, which is mandatory. From the mid/high-rise standard version 3...

Use a combination of the following strategies to treat a minimum of 85 per cent of all exterior glazing within the greater of first 16 m of the building above grade or the height of the mature tree canopy (including balcony railings, clear glass corners, parallel glass and glazing surrounding interior courtyards and other glass surfaces):
  • Low reflectance, opaque materials
  • Visual markers applied to glass with a maximum spacing of 50 mm x 50 mm
  • Building-integrated structures to mute reflections on glass surfaces.

At least 85 percent is mandatory, 95 percent is encouraged.
I think this is a good regulation due to the large amount of birds that die by crashing into glass.
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