Toronto Maple House at Canary Landing | 89.61m | 26s | Dream | COBE Architects

Love those punched windows. This feels very reminiscent of a lot of the new builds that are going up in Williamsburg, BK.
It's lined with townhouses - while it may be an extension of the Distillery, I wouldn't expect it to be a very busy extension. I don't see a lot of pedestrian desire lines through it and townhouses don't generate a ton of pedestrian activity.
AFAIK, there's a public school going into the lower levels of Block 20 on the south side of the lane here, so there will be pedestrian activity in the area, but of a community nature more than of a city-wide destination nature.

Ward 28 - Tor & E.York District

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Site Plan Control Application for a new residential rental apartment building with 3 towers, retail at grade and 756 dwelling units.
Proposed Use ---# of Storeys ---# of Units ---​
TypeNumberDate SubmittedStatus

Site Plan Approval18 251580 STE 28 SANov 2, 2018Application Received​
Application description:
A Site Plan Control application to develop a new residential rental apartment building with three towers and 756 residential units on 181 Mill Street (Block 8) in the West Don Lands. The three towers are proposed at heights of 50.9 metres, 50.9 metres and 79.9 metres, respectively. The applicant, WDL 8 LP, was selected by Infrastructure Ontario to enter into a 99-year lease for this Block to develop rental housing and retail uses, with a minimum of 30% of the residential gross floor area being affordable units. A total of 225 of the proposed residential units will be affordable. Publicly accessible open spaces are situated between the three towers, as well as along the south side of the site. Vehicular parking for all three buildings will be accommodated below grade and a total of 134 parking spaces are proposed. A total of 761 bicycle parking spaces are proposed. Minor variances are proposed. The application is being processed through the City's Open Door Program. The project proposes to meet LEED Gold Certification and Toronto Green Standard Tier 1.




The two on the left are full winners for me. Angled recessed windows with masonry is basically the two Gairloch developments combined and brought downtown for more eyes to see. And concrete for the tower is a very welcome addition to our skyline. At least I think that's bare concrete. Over the years the precast segments will develop a progressively warmish hue.