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Sales centre almost complete despite not being granted approval by City Hall. Hmmm...something tells me that either OMB will grant it approval or massive success and support (ala MLSquare) will get this tower off the ground.


PS, if they use the glass they have on the wall of their sales centre, this will end up one very interesting building, definitely one of my favourite projects right now with its unique design.
I hope it goes ahead, with a set back or two I don't see why this section of King should have height restrictions. Anything East of Spadina I think is fair game for height.
I think this will be a nice project. I don't know how different it will be from the condo across the street, but it's a fantastic area!
looks a little chubby compared to the first rendering.i thought the first proposal was very tall and thin aka Spire.
quick note: the sales office opened up yesterday at king & john. it looks nice - oddly enough, it looks kind of like a hair salon to me. in any case, it's there, it's open, and it was full of people.

also very quickly, there is a small notice on the zoning application over at the Festival Centre announcing a meeting on Nov 2nd to discuss some 'minor' changes. from what I can tell, looking at the old application and the new one, the only thing I noticed was the floor count has increased from 41 floors to 42. the podium still stands at 5 floors.

also, (not so quickly,) not sure if it means anything, but the application notices for Victory next to the Hudson have dissapeared.
^ The Victory notices were outdated anyway - they still refered to a 25-storey tower.
I saw a not too bad rendering in condo Life magazine in the Star yesterday I believe. looked nice.
Went to the sales centre on the weekend and put down a small deposit on the 2000 square foot penthouse. Only $4 million. Anybody want to chip in?
I wouldn't call $4 million a "small deposit".

Nevermind. I know what you meant. I have $90k in cash available so I'm in. Broom closet or guest bedroom closet... what do I get?
You won't even get a ride in the elevator.

cash in those rrsp(s) if you want to play.
After reading through the refusal report I really hope that this project is rejected. This is a perfect case of a developer ignoring the wishes of city planners.

In the report it states that the developer and architect had numerous sessions before submitting the report and from what it sounds like, they completely ignored their concerns.

I do agree that this is a very attractive building but if planning is to work in this city, it has to start somewhere. This is a case where the developer should have known about the framework he has to work with and didn't.

Perhaps he should have bought a piece of land on the north side of the street.

Also i don't buy the economic questions raised about this development. You can only look a block away and see developers like Freed producing midrise projects with great success.