Toronto LSQ | 144m | 40s | Almadev | Wallman Architects

Taking a page out of Cresford's now defunct YSL marketing playbook, we now have LSQ!


It’s anticipated construction of the residences in the northeast corner and the office/commercial building and parking structure in the southwest corner of the site will begin in early 2024 after sewage, water, infrastructure, roads and temporary parking elements are in place.

The construction of the two high-rise towers in the northwest quadrant of Lansing Square will depend on the absorption rate of the first two residential towers, but Lazer is hopeful all phases of the development will be occupied by 2028 or 2029.

Three minutes to Fairview Mall? By what means? LOL

Certainly not walking the 1.6km distance, which at average walking speed is ~24 minutes.

Google says the car is fastest here but still pegs the trip at 5 min, not 3 min.

But it has the transit time at 9 minutes. Amusingly, it has cycling at 7 minutes if you're willing to white knuckle the six-lane stroad across the 404.
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