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Attention UT photogs..............WT is opening their normally off-limits observation tower, 4-storeys high, beside the yellow bridge, to the public on Sept 27th. (next Wednesday); 3:30-7pm.

Also, a picture from the FARM Ctte of WT showing ongoing planting at Canoe Cove:


In an update to FARM Ctte, we see that Commissioner Street will be opening next month:

Updated forecast completion dates:


And some additional pics:




It was quite interesting. 5 very beautiful designs were presented. You can check them out here: Keating Channel Bridge Designs.

I think this one is my favourite: Nda-Nwendaagang Bridge.

In terms of timeline, they think it could be built by 2026. They also revealed that Block 5 of Quayside which was set aside as a cultural destination will likely be an indigenous culture center.
I also like that one because the planting is like an extension of the landscape and the shape reminds of both a bird and the Atlas Crane. And the corten steel connects to the site’s industrial heritage, with patterns of indigenous heritage.
Zeidler The Equinox Bridge is my fave. I like the relationship it has the Cherry St Bridge, instantly it's understood this one is for pedestrians and the arches are beautiful. I feel this bridge will draw a lot of people and become a hit like the other bridges in the area.
Same here, my favorite seems to be this one. The salmon run is also nice, i feel like it does the arch better, but the actual walkway design is better executed on the equinox bridge. It fits into the surroundings well and with some cool lighting, you could get a very photographed bridge, which in turn brings more visitors to the area.