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Pavings continued.
Just a blast from the past!

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Surprised nobody is complaining about lack of density here. I do have to say that as far as planned communities go, I like the idea of having all the food and fuel resources right there lined up like a beverage machine at McDonalds. And I for one choose to read the blurry text beside Coal Yard to read “Wiener Yard”
Just a blast from the past!

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Not to prolong this wander back into history, but this 1834 Plan (Chewett) shows the (Ashbridges) Marsh and the old exit of the Don River. Note also that the Eastern gap was not there, it only appeared after a few huge storms.) This from Wiki: "The gap was first formed from 1852 to 1858 when storms caused a break in the sandy spit that connected the area with the mainland.") Full Plan at:

chewett 1834.jpg
It's very sad that this city did not have foresight of preserving that marsh. That would of been a real treasure, IMO.
Someone remind me when the opening date is for the new Lower Cherry St and Commissioner is to take place??? Don't see it happening, especially for Commissioner.

The new Lake Shore bridge is ready to have the concrete pour this week as the equipment is setup for it. It is a curve bridge with a nice wide sidewalk on the south side that will have a high barrier protection from the traffic