Toronto King-Liberty GO Station | 21.39m | 3s | Metrolinx | WSP

Oct. 10th
This isn't going to add much to the skyline considering the location and what's around it...had more character before.
Today. I feel like Douggie has demolished his way to nice photo backdrops, but where are the designs for this? An empty lot until .... ?

The plans are linked in the database file..

^Here? I see a couple of renderings. Has anyone posted more as to get more details on design? (not sure if I am using this database section adequately to answer my own question)

Haven't been able to find much from Metrolinx.
Walking south on Lisgar has never been louder. Woah... the train noise reaches up to argyle, now. So surprised to experience that. I guess another reason to build quickly; here's hoping!