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Jul 4, 2012
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Massing for the TOC

"CBRE Limited, on behalf of the Province of Ontario (the "Province"), is pleased to offer for sale, two mixed-use development opportunities and the lands thereunder (the “Offering” or the "Sites") located at the northeast and southeast corner of King Street West and Bathurst Street in Toronto.

Development of the Sites is being facilitated by the Province, as represented by Infrastructure Ontario (“IO”), and in consultation with the City of Toronto (the "City"), as part of the Province's Transit-Oriented Communities Program (the “TOC Program”). The TOC Program aims to deliver new housing and a broad mix of uses at stations on each of the Province's new priority subway projects.

The Province, through its crown agency Metrolinx, has entered into agreements with infrastructure construction contractors (“Transit Builders”) to design and construct the subway and station infrastructure. Under the TOC Program, a real estate developer ("Developer") will close on the sale of the Sites ("Closing") following completion of the subway and station infrastructure, and will subsequently develop the Sites. Both Sites will be integrated with the station buildings and transit infrastructure, and will include development above the station buildings.

With this Offering, the Developer will be presented with an opportunity to acquire two rare and coveted sites under the TOC Program that are approved for mixed use developments and will be available for construction after the completion of the subway and station infrastructure. "




Looks for the words "Affordable Housing" anywhere in the materials - seeing nothing...??

^Here we go again with this idiotic provincial government. On one hand they open up the Greenbelt because "there's a housing crisis and we need more housing", then on the other hand they continuously require 0% affordable housing on land that the provincial government owns.

They're the ones who are exasperating the problem we're having, but they couldnt care less as long as developers are making big bucks. And we've got another 3 years of this non-sense to deal with at minimum unfortunately...

At this point i'm just hoping one of the major newspapers/outlets discover a scandal which takes down Ford himself once and for all.

Not at all surprising. Unfortunately.

I would be happier, frankly to see this as 'Vienna model' government owned housing, mixed income, etc.

But absent that, at the very least, there should be 4 housing related requirements:

1) Entirely purpose-built rental

2) At least 20% of units affordable

3)At least 5% Rent-Geared-to-Income (inclusive within the 20%; with TCHC/Ontario subsiding the difference between affordable and RGI.

4)It should be structured as a lease, no greater than 99 years, after which the buildings revert to the government.

Take bids after that, on the open market, with those conditions attached.
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This thread has been created out of some posts that were originally made in the Ontario Line: King-Bathurst Station thread. The intention is to follow construction updates for the north site in this thread. In the meantime, a new database file for the North Site TOC has been attached to this thread, and you'll find a front page story covering plans for both this site and the South Site here.

So I guess they’re not keeping the brick facades of the old buildings like they indicated in the renderings. I just went past there and the entire corner has been cleared
The façades have been disassembled and put into storage to be used once the new TOC buildings are constructed.