Toronto KESKUS Estonian Cultural Centre | 17.07m | 3s | Kongats

Update: They have now dug a clearing over Line 2 on the east end of the respective site from what I can tell.
Taken 4 April.


Lots happening today. The basement and ground floor slab has been poured and hehind the heritage house and they are beginning to work on creating the basement level of the heritage building. As well giant post-tensioned beams will be lain above the subway tunnel to support the courtyard above. Talked to Ellen Valter, project lead, who said that the steel should start going up in the next quarter. In addition the jumbo glass, which was fabricated in Spain, is already waiting in Brampton for installation. The glass is impressive in that it is triple-glazed and will have no visible joints! The resulting space will be amazing! Finally the picture with the grey panels is where a grey water recycling system is going.

Opening is scheduled for mid 2025.

Opening is scheduled for Q3 2025.

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Update: Unintended gas leak shut down the site before the noon hour, sending the workers here and at the Ceilo site on an extended lunch break...while fire, police and Enbridge officials looked to contain, shut down and cordon off the situation. And of particular note, a noxious gas smell of one's intestinal fartitude after eating a bowl of dodgy chilly that occasionally wafted out from the affected area. So things got a bit scary and hairy there for the hour... >.<

...I am happy to say though, they've contained most of that as of typing this. And things are slowly getting back to order. /phew

Edit: Yes Mr. @AlbertC, I live right by there. Glad someone didn't decide to take a smoke break there...or I would been having my lunch hour on my patio under a sudden mushroom cloud. >.<
Last edited: does appear they're building the "bridge" portion of the structure to go over Line 2.