Toronto Grainger | 124.5m | 40s | Fitzrovia | Turner Fleischer

From Fitzrovia's IG:


I'm really liking the direction Fitzrovia has been taking with the materials on their developments recently (at least in the application phase), they seem to be integrating more colour that actually somewhat feels inspired by the kitschy euro theme they are going with. Of course execution is another thing, but more glazed bricks please!

I hope to see variation like this applied to Bloor and Dufferin, there may still be a chance.
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Forgot to post this update over the weekend. Rendering taken from the architectural plan via SPA. New info added also. The total unit count changed from 791 units to 819 units. The total car parking changed from 202 car parking to 200 car parking.
that tower facade now looks a little...bleak. the articulation of the window frames is nice, but not sure the black on black on two towers right next to each other with a tight window-wall ratio is working. they look like stark monoliths