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I'm sure there's no possible way they could have finished the greenway design during the years-long construction of the guideway so construction could have started on the public realm right away once the guideway was done. Impossible!
Yup - I find this annoying. I'm going to guess its a funding thing...but can't help but feel like it's an after thought.
Soil buildup:

So we agree the Antler-Lappin connection is stupid. To double-check, is the connection at Paton still on, and Wallace is now open?
Do we all agree? I don't live in the area anymore, so this doesn't personally affect me, but I could see how it would frustrate those who live nearby, especially on the Lappin side. Sometimes it's the small things that could be so easily fixed that annoy people the most. It's only one private owner, isn't it? The Antler side is a dead end street, so public, no?
Are there two tracks on the overpass or just 1?

I hope there is two but it’s hard to see from this angle.
Thank you!