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Apr 24, 2007
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Leslieville residents meet to discuss Queen Street condo development

Residents of Laing Street and surrounding streets and laneways met outside Maple Cottage with developers to discuss plans for a future development at 1327 Queen St. E.

“They have not made an application (to the city) yet,†said Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon, who organized the preliminary meeting so community members could have as much input as possible. “It’s a long way off before an approval.â€

The preliminary plans show the development spanning across Queen Street between Laing Street and Knox Avenue, and then all the way back to Memory Lane.

The Queen Street front of the building will be four stories, with retail in the bottom level, eventually tapering to eight stories further back from the street.

Memory Lane will boast a strip of three-storey townhomes as part of the development.

I think that will be great for that stretch of Queen East. They could use the extra retail space there and having some townhouses on Memory Lane is a great idea.
The other future project they have on their site - is that something new?
Bring it on. That stretch of Queen could use the accompanying retail boost and it might spur on other positive developments in the immediate area. I'd still like to see the abandoned project at Pape start up again and the long-vacant lot next to Stratengers finally occupied.
Why the pessimism? It's a big building with a lot of street frontage. It's a good bet that more than a single bank will go in.
I'll hope for the best but as we've seen with a lot of new buildings, the retail is too often a bank or something boring.
There was an explanation for the bank/chain store phenomenon -- don't remember where I first saw it. Essentially boiled down to the fact the independants can't afford the rents new developments need to charge. The 'second wave' tends to be where the smaller shops start to move in.
There is a neighbourhood meeting tonight from 7-9 pm at Maple Cottage (62 Laing Street) about this development.

It's being organized by people who are against it.

Councillor Fletcher will attend and maybe Kyle Knoeck, City Planning Manager for Wards 29, 30, 31, and 32.
The neighbourhood would be crazy to oppose this. This project will enhance the area, it is in need to something like this.
Quick objective observations from the meeting last night:
- Roughly 22 people attended including Paula Fletcher, a representative from McMahon and a representative from the Friends of the Beaches group
- They are the vocal minority for the reason that they are small portion of the total residents in that area
- All opposed to 8 stories
- Most of the opinion that it is an ugly design (some say that it looks like the Kingston Penitentiary)
- Against the proximity of the town homes to Memory Lane
- Against the amount of parking lots
- Some want 4 stories, some will settle for 6
- Some don't want a condo at all
- Those who do want 6 stories want a 4 story front with setbacks for the remaining stories
- They are setting up a steering committee and getting ready. A few have past experiences with this sort of thing. Paula Fletcher was giving some tips.
- Most want to preserve the feel of the area – there are Leslieville planning guidelines from the City for this
- The area is actually not a part of Leslieville according to the City, so those planning guidelines don't apply. They want the guideline to be extended to include the area
- They want a wider sidewalk
- They want trees
- Mostly socialist leanings
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