Burlington Gallery Condos + Lofts | 94.05m | 23s | Carriage Gate | Turner Fleischer

View from Lakeshore as cladding nears completion per Joe

Thanks for the photo jta5 and I can’t ride a bike to Burlington for a photo shoot because of lift bridge closure. I hope the lift bridge will reopen in March.
So close now. Looks like most of the people have moved in , just waiting for the finishing touches, retail, and soft landscaping.

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I was past the place the other day. Still lots of detail trim work left to be done - currently nicely accented by the blue moisture proofing open to the elements. And the paving along the sides and the front of the building.....is pavement. Not pavers, no soft landscaping, just good old black asphalt. Very tasteful, maybe temporary....we'll see.