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The article also says John St runs between the two towers, which it will not.

Yeah, that was a bit of an odd mistake. Alex Bozikovic has since tweeted that the towers would have a "sculptural canopy" that would indeed “reach out toward each other across Duncan.”
I'm sure this has been discussed before, but it just struck me that there appear to be no balconies, which seems very rare for a condo tower in Toronto. I love it though - it will look incredible.
That's an interesting model... would love to see it from a few different angles. I wonder if the height of the taller tower has changed. Guess we will find out soon enough now.
Thank goodness these buildings have no balconies. Balconies on buildings higher than 12 stories is ridiculous!
Clearly from this crowd's view, yes. But imagine living in the building. The residents may view it differently and I always enjoy having a place to go outside and have a cup of coffee. Personally, I would not live in a place with no balcony, but that is my preference. I like to have a place to go outdoors.
Is it just me or has a lot of the undulation been smoothed out on the taller tower?

I think so. The waterfall effect seems much more pronounced, though (unless that's just the lighting) – I had a harder time separating it visually from the rest of the building before.