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^That makes sense--the high end men's clothing store Nomad just recently relocated to Queen St W@Niagara. Clearly the building was sold and is being redevloped.

Mods, that means thread title should be changed to 431 Richmond St West.

Could the King (of ripoffs) Textile be next?
I just noticed this is set for 16 stories. Isn't that quite high for west of Spadina, especially not having a corner lot?
Site Plan Approval 11 226036 STE 20 SA Ward 20
- Tor & E.York Jun 23, 2011 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
SPA application to construct new 16 storey mixed use building with retail at grade, 209 residential units - 4 levels below grade parking - 85 residentail parking space

via Councillor Vaughan:

Residents of the King-Spadina neighbourhood are invited to a community planning meeting about
development sites and proposals in the neighbourhood.

Presentations will be provided on:

1. 318 Richmond St W (north side, west of John Street - former Joker site)
2. 431 Richmond St W (south side, west of Spadina Ave)
3. 434-444 Adelaide St W (NE corner of Richmond St W and Brant)

Tuesday July 19, 2011
6:30 – 8:30pm
Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Room 310
Pics of 431 Richmond Street W. taken July 6, 2011


Some additional details from the meeting last night:

  • Development will take over the Goodfoot/Stussy/Nomad building and the parking lot beside. The lot furthest west is not part of this project
  • Building is split into two components - base building made up of double height units with no balconies. Top is articulated as a separate element in a fashion not dissimilar to aA's King Charlotte, but is more-clumsily handled here
  • GP are working with textured precast for the cladding
  • One retail space
  • Parking access is on Richmond
  • 16s, 50m (12m shorter than The Morgan)
  • Vaughan does not want this height as building does not front on Spadina. Sets precedent for buildings not fronting on major streets
Looks okay, as posted by BlacktowerTV!/blacktowerTV


As for not supporting height on this street, here I disagree with Vaughan. I hope one day Richmond, Adelaide Street 10s streetwall will extend all the way to Strachan.... historic vibe be damned, it simply doesn't belong down here anymore!
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So, if you want a 10-storey streetwall, then this proposal would have to shrink by 6 storeys. Sounds like you are agreeing with Vaughan.
  • Vaughan does not want this height as building does not front on Spadina. Sets precedent for buildings not fronting on major streets

Richmond seems major enough to me for 16 storeys. I know the average heights taper out west of Spadina, but 16s is no blockbuster.
This area - Adelaide / Richmond west of Spadina to Bathurst has been dead for decades. We finally have developers interested and all Vaughan wants to do is to curtail the developments with height restrictions.

There are no residents so to speak of in the area to object to lost views and so on.

This boom we are experiencing will not last. The US is ready to collapse in debt. Our councillors should be fostering development when it comes our way not impeding it.

Also its new property taxes for the city where none was.

This tapering stuff is just that - stuff.

The major roads surrounding this area - North, South, West, and East are all serviced by streetcars.

Stop treating Toronto like it was a town of yore.