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Which of the four entries in the Etobicoke Civic Centre design competition do you favour?

  • Team 1: Moriyama + Teshima, MJMA, FORREC

    Votes: 17 15.9%
  • Team 2: Diamond Schmitt Architects, Michael Van Valkenberg Associates

    Votes: 26 24.3%
  • Team 3: KPMB Architects, West 8

    Votes: 42 39.3%
  • Team 4: Henning Larsen, Adamson Associates, PMA Landscape Architects

    Votes: 22 20.6%

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As with choosing paint colours, I feel that one should always look beyond the marketing names in favour of what colour you literally see in front of you.

What makes it gold? The renderings show beige-brown in my eyes. Real gold is the likes of Royal Bank Plaza.
Is says they're using gold coloured aluminum from the official exterior finishes examples posted by WislaHD a few entries previous. So I'll go by that.
That might just be what the supplier calls it because gold sounds more appealing than beige-brown in today's market.

Good architects don't choose the material and colour based on what's it's called by the vendor - you have sample chips and material palette for a reason. And honestly:

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Because they call me pink doesn't mean I'm pink... /s
Report on advancing this project is on the agenda for the Jan 11th meeting of CreateTO

Report here:

Not a lot that's's moving forward. But this is the City's schedule, as of now:


Not sure if we knew all of this or not:


That might just be what the supplier calls it because gold sounds more appealing than beige-brown in today's market.

This whole gold trend is getting out of hand, especially with anodizing.
The architect is probably looking for Gold Anodizing which costs an arm and a leg and there are very few vendors in Ontario that offer it.
The issue with it is that all your material has to be anodized at the same time to get the same finish and there is no guarantee that the batch will be consistent throughout. At some point, the vendor has to clean the tanks, and you'll get a variation on the finish, which ends up looking awful. Especially if welding is involved.

You can also get a post-painted gold mica finish, which is more consistent than anodizing. but for some reason architects balk at painted finishes.

I'm getting nightmares because my company did the interior panels at the Drake Hotel and the architect insisted on anodized finishes. We kept telling them (and made several samples) that for what they wanted to do, a painted finish would be so much better (not to mention the cost savings). Nope. Anodized. We threw away so many panels because of the inconsistencies.

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Call Document Summary
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Notice of Intended Procurement
Commodity:Construction Services, Construction Services
Description:Negotiated Request for Proposals for General Contracting Services for ECC
This nRFP is an invitation by the City of Toronto (the “City”) to prospective vendors to submit Bids for General Contractor Services for the New Etobicoke Civic Centre.

The City of Toronto (the "City") requires a qualified General Contractor (the "Vendor") to provide construction services for the new Etobicoke Civic Centre ("ECC") Project. The Successful Vendor shall provide complete construction services and will be solely responsible for all activities throughout the construction phase until the completion of the project including the warranty period.

The nRFP will be posted on December 5, 2022 at which time the vendors will be able to review all documents by accessing SAP Ariba. A link will be provided once the solicitation has been opened in Ariba.
Issue date:November 29, 2022
Closing date:January 30, 2023
at 12:00 Noon
Doc3768637145_ECC General Contractor Services_NOIP.pdf (108 Kbytes) - Posted on 11/29/2022 05:09:15 PM
Buyer:Shamas, Rimsha
Phone number:437-235-9549
Location:City Hall 18W
Client Division:Corporate Real Estate Management
Has a general contractor been approved/awarded for this project. I searched but could not find this.


If you look above, you'll note that the RFP only closed on January 30th.

Depending on how complex the tender, it's typically 3-5 weeks to go from closing to Bid Award (sometimes it can be much longer).

I'd be surprised to see it hit Bid Award Committee next week, but that's really the first chance. Towards the end of the month is a bit more likely.