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May 5, 2007
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South Parkdale
From city planning...looks like a rental for the area.

Site Plan Approval 11 327912 STE 28 SA Ward 28
- Tor & E.York Dec 19, 2011 --- --- --- ---
Site plan approval application in concert with rezoning application 11-327900 to permit the re-development of the lands which includes the retention of the west and northerly facades of the listed building on the site for the purposes of a new 21 storey mixed use building complete with commercial uses at grade. Included in the proposal is 253 dwelling units and parking for 205 vehicles, all of which would be located in a below grade parking facility.
Yes its the old Sun TV Building

Developer: TORLI CORP.

Im sure this one will definately have a lot of precast....
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where do you get the idea that it's a rental?

i can't find anything on google for TORLI CORP. as to what they do.
I dont see this being a rental.

Torli Corp owns several income producing real estate properties.

One principal owns a very large concrete precast business--im not going to release his name or the name of the business.

However, if you ever go to the Edgely/7 smartcentre in vaughan and see a precast company sign on top of the wal-mart sign in the parking lot. HINT HINT

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Wasn't there an office building proposal for the parking lot next to the SAS building as well.

This is on the other side.
Oh I love the old crinkle cut french fry building. Those dreadful people mustn't be allowed to mistreat it in that way.