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Renforth station box (may be the first-ever posted transit geek shot of it):

I was on line for that meeting and a real mesh mash on ML part. Came close a number of times of turning it off and doing something

If you mess it, you save yourself not wasting time watching it. Took screen shots, but never post them. There is plans for another one late this year or early spring.
I watched some of this as well. It was when they said station construction will not begin until 2027 I kinda got downhearted and tuned out to be honest. There didn't seem to be a lot of public interest or opposition in it. Seems like they are being very liberal with schedule expectations.
My question is, are the lands that the airport portion will sit on already reserved knowing that the extension will come soon? I know that a lot of the land is owned by GTAA anyway, so its just a matter of building there, but the connecting sections?
Thanks for the shot!

Anyone have any details on what the design for Renforth station is? How is it supposed to interface with the Mississauga transitway?
No detail other than you can walk cross platform from the LRT to the Transitway which is odd considering there is an ramp there for buses now.

Some screen shots

Not the response I was expecting...are there any of the station box interior itself?
None that I know of other than the launch site. There is an aerial shot somewhere as well bins. Not easy to get shots there. Its also too early for any stations box based on ML comments


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Did anyone tune in for this meet??

I did and found it boring that I fell a sleep part way in of all things and that has never happen before.

There is another one next month and will pass on it.
Tunnel 2 RFP November 2022 - From Jane Street to Mount Dennis Station

Does anyone know why it has been close to a year and the contract hasn't been executed?
IO is hoping Deripaska will get tired off the hassle and divest from Strabag, reducing the chance of critical media attention as with SSE?

One question from the meeting was if the Scarlett Road portal might be subject to flooding. This map is from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Flood Plain Map. Shows that the portal is fine. The tennis courts and Pearen Park are fine.

The golf course, parts of the Eglinton Avenue West and Jane Street berms, Eglinton Flats Park, and the playing pitches, however will flood.
Eglinton Flats Floodplain Map viewer.png