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It really does make HBS look incredible. If only they could make Palace Pier look nicer/modern/new. Those brown buildings are ugly compared to all the newer buildings.
Please tell me you're joking. Palace Pier is a gem especially when compared to the rest of the architectural jokes developed in the past 10 years around Humber Bay.
I think the Palace Pier pair represents the tower in the park phase of architecture at its best. I have no complaints about the brown cladding. Colour of cladding is a matter of taste and surely we will all differ. But I like the fact it differs from the prevailing grey of recent Toronto architecture. The view of the downtown from Palace Pier is also one of the most striking in the whole city, by the way.

This does not mean that I agree with Amare’s dismissal of HBS en architectural masse. Specifically, I think “striking” is also the right word for Eau du Soleil, the actual subject of this thread. I enjoy the view, from east or west, of the ski slope crowns of EdS especially in combination with the “sails” of the three Beyond the Sea towers. (Yes, of course they have a substantial lead in the stupid condo name sweepstakes. But I like recognizing home from a distance.)

In this year of the plague, one blessing that EdS shares with its neighbours is easy access to the park system, with its opportunity for long, socially distant walks, its waterfowl habitat, and the sound of the waves crashing during a Lake Ontario storm.
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May 23rd, 2020