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Toronto Eaton Centre

I thinkl it's a bad locaton for it it would be better suted somewher els like wher the pickel barel ways. This jus seams like a bad dfsign xchoiue and also a bizare concept for the eaton cntre

Please explain how it would be better for Eataly to open inside the former Pickle Barrel at the Atrium, instead of the Eaton Centre. Would it be like the TARDIS?
Based on your comments in this thread, it seems like you've never been inside an Eataly location.
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Nothing wrong with Eataly. It's touristy, but it's not awful like some tourist traps. I ate at the Eataly in Vegas recently. It wasn't cheap, but it was still better food qauilty and similar priced as the naerby crappy fast food resturants.
Why does it mater if I've been to an Eatly, perrsona;y I don't ever see a need to go tpo one anyway

Because if you did you would have realised it wouldn't fit in the Pickle Barrel space.

Eataly is made up of a number of different functional spaces like butchers, bakers, etc that wouldn't easily work in the Pickle Barrel space.

As I said, I've worked there before. I knew the space well. I even rode inside the Dumbwaiter there.

The space isn't designed to fit Eataly nor is the basement layout ideal.
I think it would be better in a stand alone location then being shoehorned into the Eaton centre like this one seems to be. It seems like it's trying to be too much at one time. I just don't understand the hype for this place and why people think it's so great just like I don't understand why people think shake Shack and the chicken restaurants with the over salted chicken that are closed on Sundays.
Maybe you should, you know, actually walk into an Eataly to reduce your ignorance of it.
Huh? Why does it matter to you if I want to go to it or not. Just because I don't see a need to go into one doesn't make me ignorant about it I can tell enough from the article about it that it's not something that I need in my life. Just because my opinion is different from yours about it means nothing.
If you are going to pontificate on things it is usually best to have actually experienced them or investigated them. You may well not need them (or they you) but in that case why comment at all? I have been to several Eatalys in Italy and elsewhere - they are a bit touristy but, as noted above by @gabe , the food and ambiance is actually quite good.
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I can now reveal..............

The new anchor tenant in the former Nordstrom box at TEC is Simons.

In addition to Simons and Eataly, Nike will also be taking space here.

The new Simons is 110,000 ft2

While Nike is taking 18,000 ft2

Rendering of the new facade of the TEC (former) Nordstrom box:


More on all this from Retail-Insider, here:

And on Nike, here:

I kinda figured Simons would take this opportunity to open a store downtown. It only makes sense.
Does anyone have a sense of how the ground floor is going to be configured?
Some of the articles have mentioned a hallway running through the centre of the bottom floor of the former Nordstrom space, so presumably Nike will be on the West side, with Eataly and Simons on the East side of that hallway. So you won't be walking through a store to go from the north entrance to the rest of the mall anymore.