Toronto East Harbour | 214.2m | 65s | Cadillac Fairview | Adamson

Not much left.

But not too late to convert what remains to 'hard' lofts!


There is a possibility as it would stand here between Broadview and Tower 2A.
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Sorry for low qual screenshots, didn’t pull up the original docs.

Way back when I worked on this project, the thought was to have it in a plaza and save a few of the other buildings, but this was prior to the sale of the site to CF and the inclusion of residential. Feels like they won't be keeping it. I know there is a render back in this thread or the main EH one with the existing smoke stack building staying, but the one I believe would need to be moved to accommodate one of the towers.

Lots of work to go once the building is taken down with the flood protection landform to be built and completed here and on the BMW site.
Awesome photo! I’m not familiar with drones and their laws, but it’s totally okay to fly over a construction site like this?

Good question.

Certainly not a restricted airspace, but it definitely falls under the "don't be an idiot" guidelines.

In other words, just as you wouldn't fly a drone 20 feet above peoples' heads or fly up the side of an apartment tower trying to look in peoples' windows, or fly low over a roadway, you definitely wouldn't want to fly over an active construction site in a way that you're a distraction, nuisance or danger to any of the workers.

I flew over this one at 7:30AM Sunday morning when there was no one there and I'm actually about 300 feet up, just really zoomed in and cropped in in this photo.
A report to next week's Executive Ctte Mtg recommends that 3 East Harbour projects, including the 1A office tower be denied IMIT grants.

From the above:



The reasoning for denial largely comes down to huge investment the City is making in flood proofing and in the Broadview Extension.

But consideration of the state of the office market and a few other items are mentioned.
Goodness, wasn't this supposed to be a sea of office towers? What's CF going to do now that's all gone out of vogue?
Build a Soap Factory?
...but that suggests a make work program, since they pulling thing that could facilitate that down to which they'll have to put back up again. /sigh