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I notice that the signs have been removed from the TRINITY STUDIOS building on Trinity Street just north of the Bonded Warehouse so I assume they have vacated the building - presumably in preparation for demolition.
I just noticed a development proposal sign in front of the building:

OPA / Rezoning

OPA and Rezoning application to construct new 6-storey hotel within existing heritage building (Rack House D, at northeast corner of Mill Street and Trinity Street) and construct an additional 28 stories above for new condominium tower; 34 stories in total. A total of 88 hotel rooms and 246 residential condo units are proposed, with retail uses at-grade, and 166 parking spaces leased off-site.

Application Number 11 219591 STE 28 OZ Application Status Application Submitted
Planner Name
Phone Number Macrae, Willie
416-392-7572 Status Date Jun 15, 2011
Community Meeting Date --- Date Received Jun 15, 2011
Statutory Meeting Date --- Proposed Non-Residential GFA (sq m) 0

Proposed Residential GFA (sq m) 0

Lot Size (sq m) 1,125

Proposed Residential Units 246

Proposed Storeys 34
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Just took some pics of the render from the development notice!


The whole render:

A sizeable terrace overhanging the western face of the building between cube two and three.

The heritage podium:


The tower:


Looks like they'll be adding windows to the south side of the heritage building. Right now it's predominantly brick with one column of windows in the centre.

Awesome. Who did Studio condo? Same idea, but I like this one a little more. It looks like it will play nice against the other Distillery condos. A hotel near the Distillery is a great idea too.
While I like the hotel portion, it shows no relationship with the heritage building at all and looks like it could have been built anywhere else completely new and unencumbered.

The rack house is unique, I saw the interior once at a Doors Open, and it is very special with the racks stretching off to back and the to ceiling with layers upon layers of racks. To destroy the interior and leave only the brick facade is to destroy the heritage features of this building. They might as well not bother and just take the whole thing down. What is with heritage protection in this city, is it to be reduced to just cosmetics stuck on a brand new building? Heritage buildings are more than just their exteriors.
well what else do you want to do with the building? let it sit and rot for the rest of eternity? much better way to make use of the building then this, thats for sure!
Don't see how basically tearing down the building helps to save it and prevents it from rotting.
There is no museum for the Distillery, what better place to put one? Art gallery, the supports for art already exist, winery, restaurant, etc.
Very cool. If pressed I'd say Teeple or KPMB.

Certainly my first reaction is that it looks like it might Teeple in a high wind.