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What do they mean by "early start agreemrent"?

It's timely to remind ourselves of what the contract says. I expect that TTC, ML, IO, and the Projectco are all reading it very carefully right now and making notes about who owes whom what, especially for expenditures in preparation of opening, and the cost of delays thereof.....

......... as W.C. Fields once said..... "Looking for loopholes....."

TTC Report

City Council Version

IO Crosstown Project Agreement

- Paul
As a PS - a critical paragraph from Page 9 of the City Council report

The TTC has developed a plan for mobilization of its resources for the ECLRT opening based on a planning date of October 9, 2022 that Metrolinx has communicated. City and TTC staff have negotiated terms that would require Metrolinx to provide immediate notice to the City of any official delays to the project schedule. Metrolinx will also reimburse the City for all applicable direct operational costs arising from delays attributable to Metrolinx or its ProjectCo that cannot be mitigated, including labour costs and non-labour costs such as fare gate maintenance, contract penalties, and start-up costs.

- Paul
They really went out and splurged on the platform screen doors. They look invisible.
Looks kinda sorta sleek I suppose. I like the signage against the wall with the station names.... Wrap this up already, looks like they're so close yet so far
Are platform screen doors even necessary for a project like this? It's not the same as a subway, and trams usually stop much quicker than subways do.
Would you put them outside too? Or are the sightlines good enough? We have to strike a balance of not blowing the budget, considering how crowded the platforms get, and probably a litany of things I can't think of at the moment.

Further, does the line 5 even have the right equipment in order to stop precisely at the same spot each time?