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Not a lot of action here, so just 1 pic from October 29th, 2023:


Ward 11: University-Rosedale

To increase the permitted tower height from 29 to 34 storeys and to permit modest increases to the residential and overall densities resulting from the additional storeys. Also, to reduce the amount of amenity space provided.
/\, what does that mean?
Collecdev went to Committee of Adjustment to seek an extra 5 storeys and were not successful.

Collecdev went to Committee of Adjustment to seek an extra 5 storeys and were not successful.
I had no idea they where doing that. Or even a committee that looks after this. (I had poorly assumed that variance requests where dealt with down in the pencil pushing/rubber stamping bowls of some nondescript city clerical building.) ...but thank you for explaining that! /bows
The Cielo Condos project is interesting because it combines the Bloor Street United Church, with LEED Gold standards. It offers a mix of old and new which's quite unique. The project includes amenities and spaces that cater to needs, which is commendable. However there are concerns about how it might impact the neighborhoods low rise aesthetics and how the local community will perceive it especially considering its 38 storey height. It's important for the development to strike a balance between progress and preserving the areas charm while being respectful, to the existing fabric of the neighborhood.
The existing fabric of the neighbourhood includes not one but two nodes of two subway lines.

As such, there should be virtually no height limit here; and from a macro perspective, it should be built to similar planning density around Yonge & Bloor, another place with two subway nodes.

It's too bad this did not get approved for 5 more storeys.
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To note though, this is all happening at the bottom end of my my stake in what's going on here is a bit more personal here. As in, I have to likely look at these to the grave, personal. >.<