Toronto CIBC SQUARE | 241.39m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

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September 19, 2023



Correction: Food Hall😊
There is a recent article from Toronto Life
Have visited briefly a few times at lunch time or after work on a jays game day and it was buzzing, including the cafe in the North Lobby and the park. Should do really well once more people hear about it
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I don’t understand, what is aesthetically displeasing about this?
A taller phase two would have IMO created a nice contrast to phase one. It would also contrast nicely with the other towers in the Financial District (Brookfield Place, Royal Bank Plaza, TD Centre, Bay Adelaide Centre) all of which have varying height differences between the towers.
We have too many twin/near-twin towers, especially in that area (Sugar Wharf, Harbour Plaza, Ice, Daniels Waterfront, Maple Leaf Square), not to mention some of the older towers like the Harbour Castle, the Water Club Condos, etc).