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July 25, 2023

They're now erecting steel above the lower levels. We're right on the verge of this baby starting to fly upwards 😍

IMG_20230725_102404718 1.jpg


Great photos, though I am surprised that the east side (@ Yonge) is taking so long to get going!
To be fair, while it's true that phase two towers are almost identical to phase one save facing different directions, the steel structure at the grade end are completely done differently from each other. Almost like night and day if you have it. And thus it's what caused the slowed down of the latter phase, is my guess.
What’s funny about Toronto and montreal is that everywhere you look there’s an orange cone. There’s no street without them Dad used to refer to those as McDonald's hamburgers back in the day. >.<
Probably this decade and next.
Really that pessimistic? So you think proposals like Union Park, Union Centre, 191 Bay, The Hub, Pinnacle One Yonge Commercial and so on will not be built for the next 10-20 years or ever?

Not that I'm complaining, just wondering what your thoughts are on any of that ever coming to fruition?
They're all going to wait... and become stale proposals...
...unless there's a sudden need for office towers again. Or if one of the proposals gets lucky in acquiring an anchor client, that is.