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High above:


Looks to be taken from about the 20th floor (88 Scott St)? In about a year that little sliver of lake view will be gone! Sorry Ryan :) !

Every time I see a photo like this it makes me wonder about the possible timeline to an ACC... I mean Scotiabank Arena tower built where their current short office space building is now. It would have to be extremely small footprint in order to preserve the arena, but I could definitely see it happening long term as tower sites get scarce and the owners see money to be made. I think it would be cool, the question just is how much could be done without interrupting operations of the Arena, unless they wanted to redevelop the entire Arena which would then require a temporary space to replace it.

CIBC square looks gorgeous in this photo too and I'm very interested to see how the second tower interacts with the spaces around it when it's built. This particular view across the tracks where you can see through to south core I find really cool, getting such a great glimpse far away through and seeing the other towers in the distance, and unfortunately it will be mostly blocked, but the second tower and how it changes the terrain of the area will be very interesting to see and likely have some of it's own great angles and new scenes created.
Looks to be taken from about the 20th floor (88 Scott St)? In about a year that little sliver of lake view will be gone! Sorry Ryan :) !
I'm sure the developers, buyers and residents of 88 Scott Street didn't give two hoots about the views that the then new tower they were building and investing in were blocking.
Late afternoon pics...


Smooth as a (tower's basement) bottom....(three workers left-central for scale).



Newly-paved section west side.. (among other things).



Step work upper staircase...



Seems like under-lighting for some of these sections...


Coffee break in the stonework section...


Levellers...check. Fresh concrete/gravel ...check. Beautiful large stones....check.


Ok boys…back to work. Carrying a large stone into place.


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Having watched the first Tower go in, and watched almost daily during the pandemic, I have to hand it to the crews. This project has gone up at such a rate, and especially when compared to other projects I visited often it seemed (superficial and anecdotal) that this project just ran so well.