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Im curious, was Govan Brown subcontracted for work at the Michael Garron hospital as well?

I cant speak to EllisDon, but I know a fairly significant chunk of Govan Brown's construction workers are notoriously (purely from my own observations) racist, misogynistic, sexist, and just about every other negative adjective under the sun that you can find.
Sounds like they need to be topped and tailed. /bleh
Crane Coming Down - Part 2

Looking to the right of the tower crane you may notice the derrick crane that will dismantle the tower crane I had to lie down on my balcony looking up to take this shot and it's making me dizzy. I'm too close, maybe someone from a distance may get a more detailed photo


One looking through the balcony glass of the floor above


And below, a photo of a derrick crane with accompanying article

derrick crane.png