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A Piddly Diddly Work Week, Friday

Westside; lots of piddly diddly work happening around the site, it seems like slow progress but the work seems to be time-consuming and requires the exacting "measure twice cut once" process


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Continued work along the eastern wall, you may notice a surveyor taking measurements towards the centre left of this photo. There has been a lot of this measurement work during the week which has caused my 'piddly diddly' comments earlier

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Continued work on the Southwest retail area, with final steel, supports being added

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Glass wrapping around from the south face to the east face terminating with a transition from the main building to the smaller eastern building, you may notice some fireproofing has been sprayed onto the steel beams forming the trusses that will support the eastern building

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A closer look at the spider crane that is used to assemble the exterior glass. It moves around like a spider but turns into 'Optimus Prime the Transformer' and can be seen resting as a rectangular box when not in use

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im so curious what kind of glass they will use for 160 front. it will have a pretty neat facade as well.
Kayak views...(yesterday afternoon).



Walking by around 7 PM, new glazing had just arrived...from Brampton-based Sotawall.





Last stop, to the right of the white crane...


Thumbs up from the fella in green. Yes it certainly gets a thumbs up.



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I was downtown Toronto last week and got to see the progress of CIBC Square in person, and I must say it looks even better in real life. A very impressive project overall. That glass is going to turn heads once complete, I can now confidently say that. Also, I find this project looks larger in real compared to the pictures. To think we are going to have two of these towers..... it's going to be a very attractive set of skyscrapers. Even more excited now!
I still don't get why 1) the PATH extension towards Pinnacle One Yonge isn't under construction now above the garage exit as no doubt it all be both more expensive and more disruptive later, and 2) why the knockout panel for it is a full concrete wall. Why require it to be sawed out once it's built? Why not just put in some steel studs and interior and exterior wallboard for now? Why why why? Seriously, who can answer this?