Toronto Central Condos | 138.98m | 46s | Concord Adex | DIALOG

Mar 21, 2023




I still like the idea of randomized dashes on the balcony edges… but I wish the pattern was random over the entire face of the building, and not repeated every 6 floors as seen in this image by @Red Mars:


The whole thing about what initially appeared to be randomization on the exterior of the building was that it was a nice break from the repeated patterns of every other building in the area; the geometries (even the weak ones here, well, they're nearly all pretty weak) have become relentless, and something patternless in their midst would have been a visual relief. In the end though, it's yet another repeating pattern, so no real help.

Meanwhile, the attempt at a shoji screen pattern on the mech penthouse is terribly botched, like teeth have been knocked out, and besides it relates to nothing else on the design.

I had hoped for something positive here...