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I can see them redevelop the northeast parking lot of Dufferin Mall up to Croatia Street (building around the church). How many vehicles use ALL the parking levels during Christmas?
I can see that happening as well, not just the northeast parking lot but the entire northern end of the mall where the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut are currently located. Parking can, and should be shifted underground.

Asides from that, I dont see the mall being redeveloped as a whole.
Are high school pools actually a thing? All my high school had was an ongoing joke where we'd tell 9th graders there was a pool on the non-existent third floor. Frankly replacing the high school pool with "luxury" condos will make the neighbourhood less bougie.
My high school had one. It's getting rebuilt now though without one.

This is a result of the elimination of grade 13. Used to have semesters/terms that included time for physical education (that included swimming), music, the arts. These days there is no valuable time available for that.

I also remember that grade 10 was the minimum education level for "children", which was raised to grade 12.
Globe and Mail columnist and UT member @AlexBozikovic has a column up today on the issue of parking and the TDSB.

It's a good one, and it discusses the issue w/particular reference to the proposed redevelopment here.

I think he makes a persuasive case on an issue I've championed for years...... that the TDSB needs to abandon providing free parking to teachers.

I don't object to parking on-site, if the the economics support it, and it's underground, but surface parking or free parking is simply wrong-headed and a misuse of taxpayer's money to boot!
School is fenced off - demolition imminent? Is this even approved yet? I'm surprised.
The existing high school on Croatia needs to be demolished to build the new high school, which will happen regardless of what is approved for the site elsewhere. There had been a commitment to have the new school ready for Fall 2021.
There was a community meeting yesterday about the relocation of Bloor CI to Central Technical School for at least 2 years for the rebuild. Audience was not happy about the way this has played out, the poor communication, and disruption. Bright side is that there will be a brand new school building when all is said and done.