Toronto Biblio Lofts | 28.91m | 7s | NVSBLE | BDP Quadrangle

5 months after the ceremonial groundbreaking and there's been nothing substantially done here.

They don't even have machinery present:

5 months after the ceremonial groundbreaking and there's been nothing substantially done here.

They don't even have machinery present:

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Looks like soil remediation is/was required first:


That said there are no 'new building' permits in process, nor any 'regular' shoring permits.
Another +1 for @interchange42. Should be a nice addition along this beautiful stretch.

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One thing that saddens me about this project is that it will kill the view from and a lot of natural light presenting coming in through the windows in the Ralph Thornton Centre's west facing window well (shown in the above pictures). The RTC is such a beautiful building as well as an important community space. Removing some of its indoor cachet and warmth is a net loss IMHO.
I also wonder who is buying these. I liked the style of the building, and was disappointed when the floorplans were release. The suite layouts were terrible. Super deep and skinny units, even for Toronto standards. I was also really turned off by the kitchen backsplash is also the window to your bedroom that I saw in most plans(example linked below). I don't think downsizers, would accept such terrible layouts, especially at that price point. I think this building was bought by investors who bought into the marketing hype. Style but not substance.

It is very disappointing that these will not be authentic lofts. This also makes me wonder whether the exterior appearance of the building will be as nice as what was showcased in the developer's materials... Imagine if they had instead gone for a floorplate with 2 lofts per floor with direct elevator access (one north and the other south facing). They could have created spacious luxury 3 bedroom lofts units and leveraged the beautiful exterior design. Of course, if the developer can fetch $1,400 / sqft for shoebox units, what is the incentive to sell larger units at a lower price per sqft. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that at $1,400 / sqft, the pricing for these condos is 40% more expensive on a per sqft basis than the price for the average freehold home in this neighbourhood (i.e. Riverside).
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What a joke. A kitchen backsplash as your bedroom window? The other bedroom isn't much better, looks like a mail slot of a window. These layouts have got out of hand.

For reference here's an identically sized 2-bed in a building I lived in years ago. We were only in a 1-bed unit, but the living space was the same. We were able to fit a table and chairs (not right in the kitchen as shown in the Biblio unit), had a proper living room seating/TV area AND had a corner for our computer desk. Perhaps it's time there were actual standards mandated for condo layouts?

They’re well onto the 2nd storey of this building really can’t wait to see it come together. Along with the Broadview hotel restoration it will be a landmark building for riverside and a welcome reprieve from the crap streetcar built at baseball place to the west