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First tower was all steel, and given a 2014 completion date....definitely steel.
According to one of the workers on site, it will be a steel frame building. The lifting requirements for the steel girders are such that a specific type of crane / crane capacity is required, not one of the typical cranes readily available. It should be approximately two to three months before the crane arrives and gets installed.

Post 702, from May 23, 2013, in this thread.
June 24

Anyone notice the streetcar painted on the hording and that strange.

That strange what?

I noticed the streetcar; I don't think it's a reference to streetcars returning to Adelaide (partly because it's orange, but then there's a lot of orange in these images). I think it's just one element of a set of references to the urban/business environment (people toting laptops, meeting for lunch, baristas, bikes, taxis, people looking at their phones, etc.).

The same images are also on hoardings inside the BAC.
First section of the heritage facade is now up on the Temperance side, 2nd section awaits its turn on a flatbed.
will try to upload pictures later.
Brookfield Canada Office Properties REIT just bought this from Brookfield Office Properties for $602mln.