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I might have had something to do with that......

(not involved in the design, but this is a discussion I had directly w/WT)

Several other changes in the QQE design also mirror suggestions I made.

In my experience WT staff are often good listeners.
Yes WT certainly listen and then actually adjust plans. Some (but certainly not all) City staff are good listeners too and it is always worth contacting them with suggestions or concerns - particularly if one does so it a respectful manner (and understands that many things they 'approve' are choices that are legitimately made by others - primarily developers and property owners!
Did some digging on the city permit site, lots of new permits coming in the past few weeks.

The waterfront slowly filling in with more dining options... The Yard over at the Daniels has impressed me the most with it's food diversity (I imagine lunch time over there will be super lovely come patio season), hope to see that over here too.

Let's do the yummy food picture test with @UtakataNoAnnex when the new upcoming retailers at Design Haus open up! :p
As of my last posting has indicated, my appetite will likely be already spoiled... 😿

(And it's my hope that you didn't just bump that relative thread to troll me. >.<)