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Jun 22, 2008
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previously owned by The Co-Operators, Rockport Group has recently acquired this site and submitted rezoning application for development of three 9 storeys retirement condominiums, south of the Bill Crothers (athletics) Secondary School currently under construction ... while nothing spectacular, its extra density :)


Preliminary Staff Report:

Report Figures:

The below Markham Centre East Precinct Plan put this into context. Kennedy Road runs on diagonally on the right, Highway 407 on bottom, CN rail/GO on the left, Entreprise Drive runs east-west right across the middle. The proposed CSIO facility + existing YMCA is on the south part, and the mega 39s proposal by MCDC is on the west-central part of the diagram. Remington's Downtown Markham masterplan development is further to the west across the railway tracks.

The Subject Site is just south of the running tracks/basketball court of the high school.

I think that small projects like this will help Markham Centre feel more like a real downtown (even if suburban). It's also good to see more developments on the east side of Markham Centre as almost all of the development has been to the west and this will be close to GO and VIVA.

a rendering extracted from the Fall 2008 issue of "Markham Centre Development Status" document


an overall plan showing all current developments in Markham Centre, Rockport Group's site is on the right side (shown as 'Main Street Retirement Inc.), west of Main Street South, north of the GO train station, south of the Bill Crothers Secondary School


Updated images of this retirement proposal ... phase 1, east building, Bldg 'A' ~

Southwest Elevations

Southeast Elevations - phase 2 (Bldg 'B') in the background

Northeast Elevations

East Entrance from Main Street Unionville

A crane is now up for this development.

Not the most exciting picture -- it's cold outside and there's not much else to see anyway -- but it shows how this part of Markham Centre is being redeveloped.

I could not find a thread for Phase II of the Amica Unionville retirement building, but here is an update on that, and the empty Markham Square lot just to the west of it.

image0 (1).jpg
image1 (1).jpg
I finally found the original thread, lol. This is the Marleigh Retirement Residences (Phase ll) under construction. Phase ll is 9 stories, although this is now owned by Amica Unionville Inc. and this is CMV Architects. Not sure if I should have made a new thread, but if anything could mods possibly move my photos of this project from the Markham Square thread?