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What a beautifully scaled neighbourhood! I can't wait to see how this effects Spadina Avenue as it has been mostly void of developments on the majority of it's length.

I really hope the architects are inspired by Kensington, it would be nice to see the vibrant colours to the north continue through here. I also hope there is a substantial amount of retail here (no massive units) designed with a modern Kensington atmosphere (patios!!!), with not too many chains. It can really help create a NETWORK of retail throughout the west end of Downtown from Queen to College.
YAWN. I really wish Toronto's planners would "get it right" --renewal that is modern yet fits in with the historic feel of the area.

The suggested massing (thanks Albert C for posting them) is merely a retread of that dreary Regent Park meets Liberty Village-styled blocks.
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The link that you've posted could very well have the same design as some of the townhomes in the massing, but that would be an unfortunate situation considering their front lawn parking, non existent sidewalk space and what looks like aluminum siding at the top of the front face.

The last time I visited Liberty and Regent Park they were both wins, but I guess something "different" never hurt anyone.
This will be a huge improvement over what's there, but as much as I want to like it, it looks too asymmetrical and disjointed.

It still doesn't look like a place that I would want to walk through (or live in). It appears that in typical modernist fashion they tried to make the green spaces look organic but instead they may end up underused plots of grass.

I don't like this perpetuation of the 'let's turn our back to the things we know work well' model we often see in Toronto. I don't see Alexandra Park escaping its reputation with this.
I did a Jane's Walk through here with Adam Vaughan last year. My understanding was that there were going to be small scale storefronts some of which would be subsidized and turned over to local businesses along Dundas and Augusta (kind of like the experiment in the shipping containers at Dundas and Bathurst but more permanent). I hope that still gets built into the plans......

Good to see the street network being rebuilt. Also, if my understanding of the plan is correct, it's good to know that residents won't be displaced out of the neighbourhood during construction.

The TCHC has selected Tridel as its development partner for Phase I of the Alex Park revitalization. The two market condominiums designed by Teeple are situated at the south end of the neighbourhood, near Queen. 61 rent-geared-to-income replacement townhouses are also planned in the first phase. Demolition and construction work is anticipated to start later this fall.
Very good news. Seems that they will start construction of the market condos ahead of a sales launch; similar to what Daniels does.
We should probably start a new thread for the Tridel/Teeple market condos as soon as we know names, see renderings, etc., and leave this thread for the TCHC replacement and refurbished units by Levitt Goodman.

I was digging around the archives and I found a whole set of photos documenting the neighbourhood just prior to its destruction in the the mid 60's. They really tore a chunk out of the urban fabric.

Along Dundas:



On Bathurst:



Cameron Place:


Wolseley Street:

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