Toronto 83 Bloor West | 269.05m | 82s | Parallax | Arcadis

Settlement offer was made here, and adopted at the last meeting of Council. Details are now public:

No new renders that I noticed, but new plans and massing. Height reduced to 269.05m

First the term of settlement:




Now the new drawings:


There's 78 more floors unaffected by the location of the parking elevators. It's just too many small suites to eat into the floor plate with more elevator cores. I don't know if having 5 low rise, two express to a transfer floor with 5 high rise and one service for all floors would be more efficient. The five highrise and 5 lowrise share the same elevator cores. The loss of space from the transfer floor would be gained with only 6 high rise cores. I also don't know if that would be allowed.
I've updated this to reflect that the lower mechanical penthouse floor will also include amenity space, so the building now has 80 floors, not 79. Height corrected too, and IBI updated to Arcadis.

Shame about the 143.625 suites per elevator ratio. I wouldn't want to wait as long for an elevator as people here will need to, every day of my life. It seems cynical, cruel, and a bit psychotic to plan a building where you know that people will feel stranded, spending their days waiting for elevators that should have been there quite a bit sooner…

Add two elevators while eliminating one suite per floor, you'd end up with 10 elevators for 1,072 suites. You're still over 100 suites per elevator, but a lot closer to acceptable waiting times.

This one is through Council, with an amendment concerning parkland, and another concerning parking.


The latter amendment (or its equivalent) has been appended to almost every application in Councillor Moise's Ward.

He appears to have Fletcher disease. (the need to obsess about street parking availability)

Settlement approved at OLT for 72 storeys. Case No. OLT-22-004116

If a settlement agreement was adopted by council in the summer @ 80 storeys (see @Northern Light's post above)... how did it end up with an 8 storey haircut at OLT? In other words, how did it end up at OLT at all? 🤔
The chuds who were hoping for a redesign got their wish, and now it looks much worse.

The curved pillaster accents on the podium seem to be eliminated from the Bloor Street side. It looks more glassy, boxy, and generic. Especially the podium, what a downgrade.