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The Sheraton Centre is one of the best buildings in the city, one of the finest examples of brutalist high rise architecture on the continent, and one of the last great examples still in existence. It's continually astonishing how many Torontonians are willing to destroy part of their architectural heritage simply because it doesn't fit current aesthetic preferences.

The very LAST THING that area needs is to strip it of yet another layer of architectural layering. And for what? To replace it with an aesthetic we're building all over the city? The Sheraton Centre is irreplaceable. Its loss would be a devastating blow to Toronto.

You just stated in your previous post that you can't wait for the Chelsea to be demolished because it doesn't suit your aesthetic. I like the Sheraton Centre more as it hasn't been altered and/or expanded since it was erected. I wouldn't call it a fine example of Brutalism. It's barely Brutalistic if that's the accepted style.

Some may see the 820 units, 6 elevators and 35 times lot coverage and a heritage quality building demolished. as progress because it reaches 218.2 metres into the air. Others may see this as an erosion of quality of life and a trajectory to a dystopian future..
Just 2 pics, taken June 16th, 2023:


July 24





Random question but does the closure of the McDonalds have anything to do with this site?
Random question but does the closure of the McDonalds have anything to do with this site?
yes - the tower will overhang the McDonalds building. There is some odd property ownership occuring here where McDonalds didn't completely sell to Reserve but sold the air rights above the building. McDonald's is "PART - B SEPERATE OWNERSHIP, SUBJECT TO A POTENTIAL FUTURE SITE PLAN PROCESS" with the hatch in the site plan below: